New Plymouth

About Green Turtle Cay

Settled in the 1770s, the quaint town of Green Turtle Cay is three miles long by about one and a half miles wide at its broadest, a miniature replica of a New England fishing village that invites the guest to walk its tree-lined streets and small gardens, its four churches and its many tributes to the sailors and settlors who founded the town. Mariners, now coming more often than not by yacht or sailboat rather than commercial or fishing vessel, are still the main source of income and resorts like Green Turtle Club and Bluff House are the major employers along with government. Hardly anyone passes through Green Turtle without a stop at Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar where strangers become friends and friends pass the time of day or night enjoying the Goombay Smash that Miss Emily is credited with creating and her daughter who has carried on the legacy is happy to continue serving along with warm hospitality and downhome food. Rentals are readily available in Green Turtle Cay and there are numerous residential properties with attractive and affordable prices on the market. A regularly scheduled ferry system serves to connect Green Turtle with the rest of the Abacos though this is one of the few islands with a primary school.