Man O' War Cay

About Man-o-War Cay

Man-o-War Cay is the heartbeat of the boating world with boat-building, service and storage entities along its small, but bustling waterfront. Settled by Loyalists – those loyal to the throne when America declared independence from England – the tiny cay just two miles long and so narrow in one place you can see from the Sea of Abaco through to the Atlantic Ocean. On one side there is a protected harbor for safekeeping in a storm and on the other a long stretch of beach dotted by houses, many with toy-sized sleeper cottages for handy rentals. The traditions of its old-time boat builders like the Albury family have been carried on by succeeding generations and its strong religious heritage has kept alive its ban against the sale of liquor though visitors never complain about a lack of spirited fun when they befriend a resident or enjoy sundowners on a visiting vessel. More laid-back than many of the settlements, Man-O-War has enticing beaches and a serene ambiance that tends to make property owners reluctant sellers, creating more demand than supply.