About Us

About Us

The islands of the Abacos that intrigue and fascinate clients from abroad are magnets to the agents and brokers of Abaco Cays Realty who believe that Abaco is the best little piece of paradise on earth.

That is why each member of our team calls Abaco home and each of us specializes in the island that where we hang our hat or fishing cap at night. Though members came from other backgrounds, even from other countries, from careers as diverse as exclusive private club management to piloting, from owning a radio station to serving as a pastor, it was the warmth of the people, the beauty of the waters and the gentle lifestyle of these islands and a desire to share what we knew with others that brought us together.

And every day, we do our best to ensure that our clients see the side of Abaco we treasure and whether buying, selling or investing they are treated to the personal service they deserve. The founders of the company were top producers with other agencies before coming together at Abaco Cays Realty to focus on one little niche in the massive world of real estate and to do it better than anyone.

We know that in a small,close-knit market like Abaco, service is doubly important to build reputation and client loyalty and we take pride in the fact that our clients remain loyal in transaction after transaction despite the explosion of agents who dabble in Abaco. When the founder of Abaco Cays Realty, the late Derek Lee, first entered the industry in 1996, there were seven realtors in Abaco at five different companies. Now some 25 companies have representatives in Abaco or handle Abaco properties part-time, many with international affiliations and scattered interests.

But there is only one Abaco and only one Abaco Cays Realty, a team whose members all call Abaco home.

There are a thousand reasons to call Abaco home
& only one Abaco Cays Realty whose agents already do.